Brewer Historic Register

 Brewer Register of Historic Places Program and sites

The Brewer Register of Historic Places is a program to increase awareness of Brewer’s history by developing a registry that recognizes houses over 100 years old, residences of historic figures and important historic city sites. The program is a partnership between the City of Brewer and the Brewer Historical Society. This register is open to all Brewer property owners and is a non-regulatory recognition of the value of Brewer’s past history.

The City of Brewer, through the City Council’s Historic Resources Advisory Board, provides a clearing house for historic place registration. The Brewer Historical Society maintains the documentation of the Registry.

The program will be promoted to the citizens of Brewer as a way to become actively involved in the City’s history by displaying a sign on the outside of a qualified property that depicts the homeowner’s naming of the house, the date the property was built, a replica of the historic Brewer seal and the Brewer Historical Society designation at the bottom. A Historic Resources Advisory Board member will interview the property owner, complete an architectural and historical history, provide a historical deed chain for the records and the homeowner, and arrange for the historical sign. The owner will pay a nominal fee for the sign. All records, photographs, and historical information will be archived by the Brewer Historical Society.

At the time the sign is produced, the property owner will be notified and the sign will be presented to the property owner and the property recognized as being part of the Brewer Register of Historic Places.

Brewer Register of Historic Places sites

New Places on the Brewer Register of Historic Places

97 Mill Street: The Brastow Homestead and Grist Mill

Farmhouse with Greek Revival features. 1.5 storeys, along with associated mill site. Built around 1860.

This charmingly restored home was built about the time of the Civil War along with a grist mill. The land was purchased by Thomas and Maria Brastow in 1851. Brazer and Frederick Brastow then owned and operated the grist mill along the Segeunkedunk Stream. The property was added to the Brewer Register of Historic Places by owners Cynthia and Charles Tuck.


**Correction: The style of the Brewer High School is Modern Movement / Art Deco**