Jean Lyford, a longtime member of the Brewer Historical Society, recently passed away. The City of Brewer has published this lovely Resolution of Respect to honor the contributions Jean made to the community during her lifetime. You can read it below:




Filed September 29, 2021 

By Jerry Goss 

WHEREAS, on the 11th day of September 2021 death brought to a close the full and active life  of Jean Lyford;

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WHEREAS, Jean lived her entire active life in Brewer, including her seventy-year marriage to  the late Lawrence “Bud” Lyford; and 

WHEREAS, Jean was a graduate of Brewer High School and Gorham State Teachers College; and  

WHEREAS, Jean founded Jack & Jill Nursery School in 1955, located in her home and ran it for  37 years; and 

WHEREAS, Jean’s years of community service were honored when she and Bud were named Brewer Citizens of the Year in 2009; and  

WHEREAS, The Jean Lyford Day Care Center was named in her honor in 2014; and 

WHEREAS, Jean was the first president of the Penobscot Chapter of the National Association of  Educators of Young Children, honorary life member of the Brewer Historical Society, president of the  Brewer Garden and Bird Club, regent of Frances Dighton Williams Chapter of the Daughters of the  American Revolution, and member of the Patawa Club. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Brewer City Council does by this resolution  and public pronouncement, recognize the positive influence of Jean Lyford to the well-being of the  community in which she lived and earned the respect of all who knew her; and 

BE IT FURTHER, RESOLVED, that this resolution be spread upon the permanent records of the  City of Brewer and that copies thereof be distributed to members of her family in testimony to the high  esteem held for Jean Lyford by the citizens and officials of the City of Brewer, Maine.